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He is a former clerk for Justice Clarence Thomas and attended the University of Kansas.

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Wade an "abomination." But conservatives have long memories.

They have lived through similar situations when a nominee who might have looked good on paper turned in to a bitter disappointment, such as David Souter or even Chief Justice John Roberts, whose vote upholding Obamacare has overshadowed more conservative rulings. He attended Northeast Louisiana University for his undergrad work and then graduated from Tulane University Law School in 1987.

President-elect Donald Trump has given a firm commitment to Republicans that he will stick to a list of 21 potential conservative nominees released during the campaign, and pledged to make a pick within two weeks of taking the oath of office.

It is a list that dazzles conservatives and includes everyone from a tweeting justice who sits on the Texas Supreme Court to an appellate judge in Alabama who has called Roe v.

In one book review essay, Stras weighed in on the confirmation process for federal judges.

"Amidst greater polarization in American politics, the process for nominating and confirming federal judges has become more political than ever," he wrote.

His critics worry about an anti-union opinion he issued in a case brought by public school employees.

In another opinion Kethledge rejected a Fourth Amendment claim from two defendants who were convicted of several robberies based on records from their wireless carriers.

That opinion is shared by several sitting justices.

Hardiman who serves on the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals has a personal story that might appeal to Trump.

But some of Willett's tweets haven't exactly been in favor of Donald Trump.

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