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Thinking about pulling the classic college prank of "streaking" naked through a public place?If there happen to be any children present and you get caught, you're more than likely looking at a mandatory 15 years as a sex offender.In fact, the crimes that will land you on the registry are numerous (see sidebar on page 16) — from knowingly infecting someone with HIV to promoting prostitution to being a Peeping Tom — with many of them having nothing to do with children per se.

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Quick market research poll: What’s stopping you from strapping on that old chastity belt? Is its bulky vagina plate disrupting your panty line?

Or have you simply become tired of hounding your patriarch for the key when nature calls? It’s “Anti-Rape.” AR Wear is for you, the woman who’s “ever been out walking alone, wishing you could feel safer.” But it’s also for that other “you—parents and friends,” who have spent nights “worried about a loved one” walking alone.

The group was started by Little Rock's Robert Combs, who understands what it is to live as a sex offender because he is one.

It's impossible to sugar-coat what Combs did to earn his spot on the registry.

We've been told there's at least one man on the registry because, if you can believe it, he likes to have sex with the umbrella hole of picnic tables.

There's another on the registry whose only known victims are dogs.He admits it isn't easy to be a sex offender advocate."It's like being an advocate for Ebola," he said, without a hint of a smile.A total of 3,839 were Level 2 "moderate risk" offenders, 4,012 were Level 3 "high risk" offenders and 266 were Level 4s, which are specified by statute as "sexually violent predators." The Level 4s are mostly the ones that keep even hardened cops up at night.From a drab office in Pine Bluff, the Arkansas Department of Correction's Sex Offender Screening and Risk Assessment (SOSRA) program is doing groundbreaking, internationally-recognized work delving into the minds and motivations of those convicted of sexual crimes, using a combination of technology and old-fashioned interrogation techniques to separate the one-time offenders from the human monsters at the upper end of the scale, so that they can be more accurately assigned to one of the four levels (see sidebar on page 19) that determine the depth and breadth of community notification.While the oddball cases are rare, and the majority of those on the list are men who fit anyone's definition of deviant criminal, the term "sex offender" encompasses much more than "child molester." When we spoke to the manager of the Arkansas Sex Offender Registry in early January, there were 11,268 registered sex offenders in the state of Arkansas: 10,944 men, 324 women.

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