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His softening dick pulsed and began to harden again. Samantha gripped his cock again, leaning forward, and licked the thick drop, holding it on her tongue, then licked the fat head once more. She began to lick faster, all around the head, tasting all the salty pre-cum she had smeared over his cock. ” she thought, “This is just like licking a Popsicle! She remembered feeling it, smelling it, and tasting it once she was alone in her room. She was thrilled to taste it on her tongue, but some began to leak out of the corners of her mouth!

She squeezed it, feeling its firmness, and then ran her fingers over the head, feeling the wetness there. She could feel her pussy oozing too, soaking the crotch of her panties. She heard her daddy moan and began licking in earnest. She remembered the cum he shot on her ass last week – the cum that soaked her panties. She stopped a moment in surprise, and then quickly began sucking again – up and down! The huge gob of sperm swirled around her mouth as the cock thrust in and out of her mouth.

After what happened last week, will things ever be the same between him and his hot, young daughter? He rubbed her shoulders, standing behind her looking in the mirror at their reflections. He walked into the kitchen to make some popcorn, and waited for Samantha. She began licking and gently sucking his nut sack, determined to get it all! She shuddered as she wondered if boys do the same thing to girls. “He liked smelling my ‘hot pussy juice’ last week”, she remembered, “I bet he WOULD want to lick my pussy juice! Samantha paused, and stared at his wet, throbbing cock, her fingers sliding down to the base of his shaft and stopping. She stopped to lick it up, and then sucked and licked his balls once again! His Popsicle was so good; she wanted to get ALL of it into her mouth! ” Chad thought, “my fucking daughter is a natural born cocksucker! The fourth blast landed above her left eye, the fifth on her right cheek.

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He even tried to talk to Sam about it, catching her alone one night; “Sam, we need to talk,” he started, using his best daddy voice. In reality, he was watching her more than the movie. “Yes, Sammie, they are amazing…” He added softly, “they are the most beautiful breasts I’ve even seen.” She grinned! As Samantha ground her ass against him, he maneuvered his hips counterpoint to her actions, adjusting his robe and boxers with each movement. Her panty covered ass cheeks quickly engulf his stiff rod, her full ass cheeks surrounding it. The movie had ended; the screen was blank, darkening the room. ” she asked, holding his cock in her hand, not wanting to ever let it go again. He thought she looked so cute in the darkened room, his cum stains slowly drying, shining and still visible in the dim light.

She leaned forward, driving her ass against his cock and imprisoning it between her ass crack and his stomach. The light from the electronics bathed her splattered face in red and greens sparkles, making her look like a fairly princess.

She looked up at him, and saw him nod his head, “yes”…

This time Derrick brings some new friends to the game but they are still up to their old tricks.

Lexi’s best friend Vanessa is no rookie to playing poker and puts everything on the line early to win it all.

Lexi joins the game late and has a tough decision to make since she lost everything the last time.

She did it again, pushing it down and letting it go, amazed how it sprung back up all by itself. She looked at his hard cock leaking more pre-cum and gripped it again. She remembered from school that this is where the “sperm” was made. He looked down at her, unable to take his eyes off of the sight of his innocent little princess sucking his cock like an experienced whore!

It stuck out obscenely thru his boxers, like an angry snake. She took her small fingers and lifted it up, then pushed it down, watching it spring back up. Samantha stared at her daddy’s nakedness, looking up at him, seeing his rippled chest, firm stomach, and beautiful eyes.

As the actress spills her beans she says that Shahid conversations doesn't make her unhappy.

Kareena Kapoor is hard to get, there's no glossing over that.

Chad watched as his little girl brought it to her lips and licked it! Feeling his daughters little fingers playing with his dick was something he would always remember. Samantha asked, still looking down at her fingers playing with his hard cock. Chad couldn’t help himself, and scooted closer to the edge of the couch, his hard cock getting closer to his daughters face. She gave a sharp tug, and his cock sprang free, bouncing before her eyes!

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