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As you gain a level of trust and comfort with others in the group, it feels effortless to share information about where you live, work, and went to school.

Passing comments can tell other group members where you are.

As for sharing those vacation photos in real time-your online friends will enjoy them just as much when you get back.

Source: Stranger chat rooms didn't go away completely; they just took on different forms.

Instant messenger chats, online forums, Twitter, and Facebook groups are the new face of chat rooms.

AOL was the first to shut down its chat with stranger rooms.

Yahoo followed their lead and shut their random stranger chat rooms down by 2012.

As the group chuckled and nodded in agreement, Granny bent in her ear and said that their stories were nothing compared to the nastiness of the women in the quilter's chat room.

Source: Most chat rooms start out as a good idea of a place where people can share resources, ideas, and information.Contentious chat strangers stay away from other members who can hold their own.Instead, they'll go after people who seem lonely, isolated, and who need attention.You can find yourself wrapped up in a chat for all the wrong reasons.What should you do when conversations get edgy and uncomfortable, causing you to feel bullied or threatened?It's just as important to use the same degree of caution when browsing around an online space as you would in a real-world environment.

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