Sharepoint 2016 itemupdating afterproperties

Important: With submitting the file we had a problem because it was giving us an outcome of Not Found every time we submitted the file.After debugging the Share Point dlls we found out that Microsoft performs the following method Ecm Document Routing Web.

If a field is changed the method will return true to indicate that the files needs to be submitted to the Content Organizer.

The above method performs the actual submitting of the file to the Content Organizer by calling Official File Core. This method will return an Official File Result to indicate whether the submitting was successful of not.

This event receiver will run on the Item Updated event.

In the Item Updated event you can then check which fields are changed and then send the document for re-routing.

My thought was to get a Dictionary object populated with key value pairs when a standard list view is used, and the same Dictionary object populated with just keys when datasheet view is used.

To parse out the values, I started by using some code posted by Tony Dal Pezzo, specifically his Get Delimited Lookup Values Dictionary method.

Is Submitter(web)): In this method Microsoft checks if the current user is in a specific group to allow the submission of the file.

If you are not in this group Microsoft will return an outcome of Not Found.

Ok, so just change to plain text and everyone is happy right? When users connect to the list via the Outlook option, you get a very nasty set of HTML saved to the column (even in Plain text mode): $list = $web.lists["Task Test"]$def = $list.

SPEvent Receiver Synchronization]:: Synchronous;$def.

About a week ago I wrote an article about the “Content Organizer” feature of Share Point 2010.

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