Sharepoint itemupdating beforeproperties null

Our code runs the centrally located code to see if a list named “Remote Event Receiver Jobs” exists in the host web and, if it does not, it creates it.

The code then checks to see if that list has a remote event receiver attached to it for the Item Added event and, if it does not, it attaches one.

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Clicking Save will cause the remote event receiver endpoint to be called.

The sample code in this solution simply appends text to the Description field.

To see the App Uninstalling event work, you will need to install the add-in via an add-in Catalog or the Marketplace. Attaching a remote event receiver to an object in the host web only requires Manage permission for that object.

If we were simply attaching an event to an existing list, then the add-in would only require Manage permission for the list.

The address for the remote event receiver currently uses the same address that hosts the add-in Installed remote event receiver by using the host address.

This is done to facilitate easy debugging using Windows Azure Service Bus.

If you attempt to uninstall the add-in while debugging, you will notice that you receive a permission denied error.

This occurs only while side-loading the add-in, which is what Visual Studio does when you deploy using F5.

The code to prevent recursively calling the remote event receiver uses a Event Firing Enabled method.

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