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Men would masturbate for me on their cams and send me photos of them doing it. Yeah, so it was a lot of fun at first but over time it lost its luster.

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Fearful of being discovered, I started out by pretending to be different women/girls of various ages, locations and backgrounds.

At the beginning it seemed to be as much fun pretending to be a forty year-old frustrated housewife as it was to act out being a college girl again and anxious to explore my newfound sexuality.

I mean someone who I've confirmed is real - although usually not because they wanted me to find out.

Someone that does naughty things for me to prove what they tell me.

In some cases where I trusted the guy or woman I would trade photos but of course they had to be of someone that matched the person I was impersonating which meant stealing them from someone's Face Book page or other on-line source.

The problem there was I would quickly run out and have to make up lame excuses for why I didn't have more.

Really, I mean why should I take any risks just for a little short-lived fun?

While the vast majority of people who contact me are pervs and fakes (I'm not as dumb as people seem to think), now and then I hear from someone who's special.

Despite an almost ten year history and me having written about this numerous times, there are STILL guys who think they will somehow be the one to coax me into doing such things.

Well, guys who push too hard for me to cam or send a photo of me other than what I want simply get put on my ignore list.

Introduction ============ First, the anonymous trolls can back off please.

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