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There are of course numerous tweaks possible to improve stock network settings, published by Citrites and others, which involve the interaction of these in complex ways, and as always, experimentation is always best carried out on non-production test environments.

One interesting point is that when using Jumbo Frames, I have seen in several places the recommendation for Linux hosts to set tcp_mtu_probing = 1 to help avoid the problem of so-called "MTU black holes" (see, for example, this link for more information: MTU).

The SAN box is composed of the following: Solaris 11 Express licencing terms changed since the acquisition of Sun: check the OTN Licence terms to see if you can use or not use OSE 11 in your context.

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Always check in Xen Center that your NICS responsible for storage are pointing to the correct target IPS.

If they are, ensure you can ping these targets from within Xen Server's command line: ping x.x.x.x If you cannot ping the target, that may be the issue.

In this lab we are experimenting with a Funtoo Linux machine that mounts a remote volume located on a Solaris machine through i SCSI.

The remote volume resides on a RAID-Z ZFS pool (zvol).

Use the 'route' command to show if Xen Server has a device and target to hit on the i SCSI target's subnet. If you can ping our i SCSI targets, but Re having performance issues with Jumbo Frames (9000 or 4500 Mtu size, based on vendor) ensure your storage interface on Xen Server is configured to leverage this Mtu size.

If route shows nothing related to your i SCSI target IPs or takes a long time to show the target's IP/Route information, revisit your network configuration: working from the i SCSI device config, switch ports, and all the way up to the storage interface defined for your Xen Server(s). One can also execute a ping command to see if there is fragmentation or support enabled for the larger MTUs: ping x.x.x.x -M do -s 8972 This tells Xen Server to ping, without fragmenting frames, your i SCSI target with an Mtu of 9000 (the rest comes from the ping and other overhead, so use 8972).

Here are some pointers to ensure "networking" is not the limiting factor: 1.

Are my packets even making it to the i SCSI target?

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