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Iris was curious if her baby is a boy or a girl, so she asked the family doctor. Then Iris asked some rando/her best friend/her boss Rhonda Diwan-Irwin for a promotion, and she got it! Editor’s note: Hyperion’s actually gaining celebrity points now! The lot is just out-of-control from objects & dirty dishes and, and.. Sadly, they don’t realize she’s never written anything. Europa aged up to the cutest little kid, her facial genetics are just awesome. ” -Mum warns them that her turtle is special and they better not break it. ” -The professional movers put every FRAGILE box upside down, and piled boxes on top.

As I mentioned before, the system was broken & he was making 0% progress towards the next celebrity level. In the wee hours of the morning, Iris goes into labour. Also Iodine (the android) & Doug Claremont-Gilbert got married! She rolled the Perfectionist trait, and Iris signed her up for Ballet class. ” -The more things change, the more they stay the same. -Everyone abandons dad at the new place to clean up the old place.

She’s rewarded with a Bladder-Explosion juice, a Stanky-Stink sap, and a boring Obiectum Reparo salve.

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I mean, I hoped I would, but since I have no follow-through on anything it seems really unlikely. To celebrate 200 Sim-days, I threw a big-arsed party. But after investment, 100%, she is for sure a Master Mixologist. Hyperion’s still trying to become more famous, so I send him to meet Isidro, the famous ghost.

Also the local theatre wants Hyperion to cameo in their play. Deo and Hyperion are now considered Everybody’s Best Friend. Deo kicks it out as Kung-Fu master ‘Uanko’ in “Shatterball”, with Hyperion as ‘Alley Guy 2’. Deo’s considered a Marathon Runner, so he’ll live a good long life. I didn’t realize that she needed to own “a literal bar”, as in a business.

Week 29 – Day 197: It was an unseasonable warm Sunday. Classy fellow with a monocle, his name is Jefferson Hamel. Since she’s basically a failure as a virtual being, she’s having a mid-life crisis. Day 191: The paparazzi posted a story that Serefina passed out in the park (which was true), so she sued them and won her case!

Hyperion & Deo have 4 days left until they’re Elders, Iris has 8 days before she’s an Elder, and Europa has 1 day left till she’s a Teen. Europa and Claude Dent-Wolfe have the flirty-hearts for eachother. They also wrote about Niobe being arrested by the cops (which was false), but when she sued she lost her case. The French Literacy Guild wants Iris to hand-deliver one of her books to France. -“It’s so easy, to turn on the TV you just press three buttons instead of one! ” -I got an email; the client I was worried about passed away. But as my co-worker pointed out, he had pretty much no quality of life.

Sim’s Magazine wrote them up and said it’s a “decent place to hang”, but unfortunately Deo got caught for playing hooky. * and then he was all “let me explain” and she was like “let me remove that throat for you”, and then we got to see Kit Harrington’s ass.

Sadly, the Grim Reaper comes for us all in the end, and it’s time for another Heir to die. A new rumour about Iris getting in a fight with someone! The butler isn’t terribly useful; but better than nothing, I guess? Last week I said that she’d completed her LTW because she has lvl 10 Mixology skill and I had purchased “a bartop counter”, as in furniture. -One elevator’s shut down for moving, one’s under maintenance, and one just has sticky floors. Europa misbehaves slightly and releases 50,000 frogs from the Biology department. Do keep that in mind next time you’re outside.” So Dara’s ex-rebound Jamel is dating the infamous Dr. Day 203: Well, it looks like Belladonna tricked me. ” I have been forbidden from saying “That’s what she said”, so we’re just done with Phrasing. -“It’s Mister Doctor.” Day 9: Beard level – Clean-shaven again. Willow’s Stars: (the girls were all sent to boarding school as children and returned home as young adults) And let’s just say Willow’s genetics were very strong.Dillon’s three daughters did not get his hair or his skin. Lola’s son did not inherit her blonde hair although he does have the darker skin.After taking him out of the Architecture career, the system works fine. As somewhat predicted, Iris gave birth to twin boys. They’re both Evil; Gawain rolls Clumsy and Roche rolls Hates the Outdoors. I could clone a whole family of Europas and be happy.

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