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For thirteen days in winter, the Dryden community searches for a little girl, missing in the blinding snow. Then, three years later, the "curse" of Dryden returns when a love triangle turns to murder.

Aurora, Indiana hadn't seen a murder in decades until Leigh Jennings was killed in her own home.

Her husband claims she ran off with another lover, but her family suspects something much worse.

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When Marshall Dent goes missing on Christmas Eve, the Native American community of Shawnee, Oklahoma bands together.

After weeks of searching, Marshall is found in a shallow grave on sacred ground, leaving authorities scrambling to find the killer.

But as a dark side of her new man comes to light, Jenae comes to realize she'll be lucky if she makes it out of this relationship alive.

Bloomington, Illinois Sergeant Jeff Pelo is a respected police officer. So when he's caught trespassing after midnight on a young woman's property, his spotless reputation comes under fire.

A couple is gunned down in their home in the middle of the night.

Evidence points to the couple's relatives, sending cops down a path that has dire results for a suspect.

After an affair ends, a man allegedly kidnaps his former lover at gunpoint before fleeing from justice.

Nearly two decades later, the case comes to trial with prosecutors and the defense each painting a different picture of what happened.

Residents are horrified when the beloved mother and hairstylist is found dead.

In a case where everyone liked the victim, anyone could be the killer.

The story of his crimes, and delusions about the demons that compelled him to kill, had mesmerized the entire country.

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