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I think Philip Norman is right when he suggests, in his recent biography of Jagger, that the essence of their appeal was a kind of narcissistic self-absorption that made them much more elusive and attractive than more self-consciously purposeful bands.“The Stones were about nothing but being the Stones,” claims Norman.It was just two days after the death of founding member Brian Jones, and new guitarist Mick Taylor was making his live debut.

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The Stones created the template, but who are the serious challengers for the title of world’s greatest?

In terms of creativity, invention, art, sales and cultural impact, the Beatles trump the Stones every time, yet they were never purely and definitively a rock ’n’ roll band (at least not in the Brian Epstein-managed version that conquered the world).

The whole thing, music and image, lent rock a sense of embodying the essence of a generation in the process of change.

Scorned by the older generation, the Stones’ early shows became the setting for not only female sexual hysteria but ferocious male disorder, frequently degenerating into riots.

They were fixated on a raw and marginalised form, the blues, which they played with a near-religious conviction – closer, in some ways, to the spirit of jazz than to the faddishness of pop, even as their youth and modernity violently transformed the blues into something shockingly new.

Their presentation ended a significant divide between audience and performer: the Stones appeared on stage not in costume but dressed as themselves, long-haired hipsters incarnate.

Kate Upton daringly posed topless Thursday for a Sports Illustrated photo in Aruba.

The 25-year-old model covered her bosom with her hands while posing atop rocks in a tiered tulle skirt in Aruba.

Kate has been dating her fiance Justin Verlander since 2014 and they got engaged last year.

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