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Depending upon your constitution, this part of the journey could be either thrilling or terrifying.

The competing steamers would often be in close proximity to one another, sometimes even side by side.

We are about to take the right fork into London Road.

Riding on the open top deck of a tramcar must have been an exhilarating experience in those days except, of course, when it rained.

Facing us, is the statue of King Billy ( William III, Prince of Orange ) upon his charger.

King Billy’s statue was in the Trongate for 163 years before it was removed, placed in storage for a few years, and then erected in the Cathedral precinct in 1926.

Roofs were introduced on the tramcars between 19 but the front and rear balconies were not completely covered and enclosed until later.

Between 18 the Glasgow tramway system was electrified but there is no evidence of overhead wires in this picture.

The famous Tolbooth Steeple, dating from 1626/27, has survived to this day and it is interesting to reflect that the Tontine Hotel and the original Tolbooth formed the very heart of Glasgow before the Victorian era.

The road forks in front of us, with the left fork continuing along the Trongate, through Glasgow Cross, and into the Gallowgate.

So, they signed up all their single friends, and friends of friends, and 10 years later, thousands of dating members join daily looking to have fun and meet other singles close to them with similar interests.

Urbansocial was created by two singles looking for an online dating service where they could meet the sort of people they wanted to, like those you spot in the gym, at your local bar or on the way to work.

It is possible that they may have been carefully erased during the production of this colorized postcard, or that the trams in the scene were actually horse-drawn, pre-dating the electrification.

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