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With table football as an added gimmick, and there to smooth over any awkward silences, it should be a winner every time.

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City of Westminster It is impossible to even begin to capture everything that Westminster - the seat of Britain's government - has to offer.

From stately Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament to the raucous Soho nightlife, from the bustle of Oxford Street, to the rolling vistas of the Royal Parks it would take weeks to describe everything to see and do in London's heartland.

That might just be because of the club’s reputation for trust-fund rich locals and those wishing to snare them, but hey, that’s fun too.

Swig Cristal champagne or Grey Goose at your table or more realistically, sweet-talk your way onto somebody else’s.

This hedonistic, bolthole is the perfect place to get up close and personal with people.

The cramped dance floor virtually guarantees physical contact in the swanky loft.The stylish, easygoing bars basically pump out pheromones into the ether and if a regular night doesn’t work for you then they even run dedicated singles events at which you can try your luck.AIL Says: Sway has a knack for making cheesy seem sophisticated and judging by the handsome men and women who frequent the Holborn club, the people are proof.The live venue/club on the top floor even gives you somewhere dark and loud to escape to if conversation begins to stall.AIL Says: Should you be able to afford the cover charge, or better still make the guest list, you’ll find wall-to-wall singles at Mo*vida.These objects associated with dissent - like the suffragettes of the Edwardian era, ...

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