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Mr Fawkes The Guy Fawkes masks (and similar ones) are a common image for Deep Webbers.

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But I found myself impossibly compelled by her M&M-like efforts to melt the milky chocolate within everyone’s hard-candy shell—with her mouth (the kids; Emma) and not with her hands (Will).

Trying a little less hard to be the “cool” teacher also helped, as did plenty of leather and marginally more than mediocre, but heartfelt, singing.

I’d watch a show starring Gwyneth as a sleazy sub, if they weren’t already making that movie. Santana/Brittany: Crows, finches, macaws, raptors, and chickens all use pecking as an instinctual mechanism—representing that confounding intersection between aggression and mating.

Given her lady-liking behavior earlier this season, the same appears to be true for Santana in her cooing affection for Brittany.

Will/Gwyneth: I’m usually repulsed by the adult story lines—which, like a mating male praying mantis, tend to consist of little more than headless thrusting.

And aside from the accident of her performance in Anthony Minghella’s I tend to feel the same way about Gwynny P.I, for one, am thanking Goddess for the Black Magic Woman’s full-on immersion in label-less lezziedom.Not only because it further increases the queer count on the show—now approaching a full 50 percent, which, from watching this new documentary seems proximal to contemporary juvenescent polymorphism.Anyone with even a whiff of familiarity with my writing will know that I am, and have long been, a tireless agitator, here at and elsewhere, for gay rights, as well as a huge supporter of everything has accomplished in advancing a meaningful dialogue about homosexuality in our popular culture—and in our youth culture in particular. No stripped Sam this week, sadly, but you can still enter our In How Many Season 2.5 Scenes Will Chord Overstreet Appear Shirtless? Plug your best estimate into the comments section below.The Editors Respond: But why settle for an apology from me? Closest guess will win this complete Season 1 DVD set at season’s end.The story lines were not only emotionally honest—or, at least, aimed for emotional honesty instead of insignificant sound and fury—but actually afforded some character growth.

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