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\"1 lift* ■■» • ' 3- fcjf' ■'■'•': * ■ r ^K* — v ^^^ *■» I , ff* V 1 im w^ ■PQi ™ ttt: STATE UMIVMSITY Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2013 'es£cr/v S£ct£& Cvu Persiti, 2007 Poti Corina Harwood salutes her sisters in D-~ Photo by Teranda Donatto "She keeps me in line," said Mr. Cody Newsom and Britney Burton met their first day on campus and have been friends ever since.

Four years later, they were chosen by their fellow peers in a run-off election to represent the university as the 2006 Mr. ""It was such an honor to be chosen along with Cody/' Burton said.

They not only treat the ill, but they also inform to prevent illnesses from occurring.

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(Above) Newsom listens attentively at an SAB meeting. Students pay a $25 health service fee that gives access to the campus medical clinic.

The clinic is adept to assess physical ailments, give immunizations and prescribe over the counter medications.

(Below) Danielle Wilhelm, Shantell Wempren, Erin Junequ and Jill Skaggs show some sisterly love during home- coming week.

Photo by Chris Reich m i \ (Right) Kayla Pitcher performs during the homecoming parade. Photos by Chris Reich Demon Dazzlers perfom during halftime at a home game.

However, Cannon and Guillory found that shopping together worked well because they found ways to reach a compromise.

Guillory and Cannon were acquaintances, but not close friends when they moved in together. Mc Kay and Mahaffey have found that rooming with people who have a similar major can be very beneficial.

If the illness can not be treated by the one full-lime and two part-time nurses on staff, two local internal medicine specialists, Dr. Michelle Mayeux, visit the clinic once a week and on special circumstances to treat ill students.

Student Health Services, along with Counseling & Career Services and Student Support Services, facilitates an on- campus health screening to provide information about health risks three times a year.

I saved up money from a previous summer job." Van White, senior theatre major "I spend about a month on renting and going to the movies. Sometimes I wish I had more money for gas." Lacie Hughes, freshman psychology major "Keep your money in the bank.

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