Thereby consolidating the overall network accounting

Feeding into the process from the Reference Architecture Document to the Technical Architecture Documents are, clockwise, six documents: Data Centre Interim Operating Standards, research and analysis, functional directives, project architecture, roadmaps, and data centre service definitions.The following Technical Architecture Documents are also represented in the diagram: from the right, top to bottom ‒ Platform as a Service application hosting, database hosting, data warehouse hosting, high performance computing, file services, distributed print service, bulk print service and standard development environment.This approach will allow risk management groups to validate the compliance of each component's design and implementation with this document specification, thereby facilitating assessment efforts and accuracy.

This document covers the following topics: , and partner organization applications.

This RAD is an SSC design artifact that supports the transformation towards the target state of SSC's DC services.

Throughout the document, a multi-layer architecture approach informs about multiple components, including infrastructure, toward the creation of a secure DC environment suitable for GC departments and agencies.

This document describes an architectural approach to building the future DCs in a properly zoned and protected environment.

The logical and physical architecture required to meet the intent of the conceptual architecture described in this deliverable is the subject of associated Technical Architecture Documents (TADs).

The target baseline security profile for SSC's end-state data centre services is Protected B, Medium Integrity, Medium Availability (PBMM).There are four core documents that form part of the NIST CCRA: , an Infrastructure as a Service (Iaa S) cloud computing project, is a cloud operating system that provides a flexible architecture to enable the convergence and provisioning of on-demand compute, storage and network resources for building highly scalable public and private clouds.Further details on the Open Stack cloud computing reference architecture are available at The architecture will support the delivery of DCCP services for SSC's partner organizations over the near term (less than three years), with an evolutionary capability to encompass a hybrid cloud service delivery model for long-term strategic planning.This document is limited to articulating the conceptual data centre infrastructure architecture.The security controls that are identified in this document are strongly influenced by Communications Security Establishment Canada's (CSEC's) Information Technology Security Guidelines (ITSG) publications.

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