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“--UNQUOTE This drove all of them away from Goa, leaving the land behind.Some of them unwillingly converted into Christianity.

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Enroute to Calicut they caught a pilgrim ship on passage to Mecca and burnt all 700 including women and children alive. When a messenger was sent by the king, Vasco Da Gama cut off his lips , and ears-- stitched the ears of a dog in place and sent him back.

Portugese admiral Alfonso De Albuquerque was driven away by the Muslim ruler of Bijapur and Goa Yusuf Adil Shah.

If this order is transgressed, such temples shall be, destroyed and the goods in them shall be used to meet expenses of holy deeds, as punishment of such transgression.

In 1567, the campaign of destroying temples in Bardez met with success.

It just show the Greeks lifted from Kerala astrology-- It, defines the zero-point for Right Ascension.

The First Point of Aries is not a fixed point in space: it moves along the Ecliptic at a rate of roughly one degree every seventy years.

When the Equinox was first observed, thousands of years ago, the First Point actually lay in the constellation of Aries.

Because the First Point of Aries is the zero-point for calculating coordinates on the Celestial Sphere, its own coordinates are always fixed, regardless of its motion.

Boots called bootikens were used to lacerate flesh and crush bone.

Thumbscrews were used to crush the fingers and toes.

All the persons above 15 years of age were compelled to listen to Christian preaching, failing which they were punished.

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