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Okay, I made up the last one because Jami from What the Graham is obsessed with my love life. When I bought the Ugg-Duck back in 2009 (just before New Years, 2010), I was already living in an apartment with my boyfriend, Scott.

And just because it’s fun and will let you get to know me better, I’m splashing some of my favorite quotes all over this post.

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He basically paid me rent and utilities so that we could split costs 50/50.

I paid for all of the renovation projects from my own pocket (since he owned no equity in the house, it didn’t seem fair for him to sink money into a house he didn’t own).

I sometimes miss saying hello to his family, and really miss his dog.

That furball left such a hole in this house, I had to get my own.

I was more sure of what I wanted from a relationship than ever, but every time I came around someone I was attracted to (a rarity), I felt like I’d shrunk.

I was intimidated and nervous, which is not like me .

“MBA by thirty” would be crossed off the bucket list.

My career had somewhat plateaued thanks to a struggling economy and no future opportunity of promotion at the company I was working for.

I think if I met someone I’d like to spend time with, I’ll make the time. But until then, and even While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy & effectiveness of the information displayed on this website, The Ugly Duckling House is for entertainment purposes only.

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