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The subsequent establishment of the Federal Government of Somalia in August 2012 was welcomed by the Emirati authorities, who re-affirmed the UAE's continued support for Somalia's government, its territorial integrity and sovereignty.

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Despite international opposition to neighboring Iran’s nuclear developments, the US is confident of the UAE’s compliance with the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty and the International Atomic Energy Agency safeguards to refrain from enriching uranium and extracting plutonium. In March 2005, the US opened negotiations on a free trade agreement and despite recent increasing depreciation of currencies in the Persian Gulf area, the UAE dirham remains pegged to the plunging dollar.

It firmly believes this agreement "has the potential to usher in an era of responsible nuclear-energy development throughout the Middle East.”Global Security.org, "New U. The two countries have also maintained close ties through an exchange of cultural and educational partnerships which include the Guggenheim Museum, and a number of American Universities opening campuses in the Emirates.

Holders of diplomatic passports only of Jordan can also obtain a free visa on arrival.

UAE signed visa exemption agreements with the following countries but are not yet ratified or applied: Passengers on all international airlines may enter the United Arab Emirates for 96 hours after obtaining a transit visa at the airport.

The time difference between the two flights must be over 8 hours and the passenger must continue to a third destination. This is not applicable to nationals of Afghanistan, Iraq, Niger, Somalia, and Yemen.

For all others nationals who are not granted visa-free or visa on arrival, UAE visas rules vary according to nationality, age and gender.

Both nations are also members of the League of Arab States.

In the ensuing period, the UAE maintained diplomatic relations with the Somali Transitional National Government and its successor the Transitional Federal Government, and supported their government initiatives.

Most of this foreign aid (in excess of billion) has been to Arab and Muslim countries.

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