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The wrapper needs to deal with deciding whether MS Ajax is available in the application and if it is, using Reflection to access the Script Manager to write out any script code.

I can’t take credit for this though: Eilon Lipton posted about this issue a while back and his code really was what I needed to get this off the ground, I just wrapped the thing up into a Client Script Proxy object that I used on a handful of controls.

A few small hiccups due to naming changes from Microsoft, but overall fairly straight forward. The new AJAX Script Manager can take either a Page object or a Control object for the first argument of Register Client Script Resource().

I just made another observation while peeking at Script Manager with Reflector; it actually register script blocks etc the regular way first (via Page.

Client Script) and then does some extra stuff only if a Script Manager exists on the page and Is In Async Post Back is true for it: Frederik - nice detetective work.

I made a post on the topic here: since I faced the problem while implementing my Head Script Manager I worte about here: good idea, although I'm not sure that this is really necessary for Client Script or Script Manager.

Those objects are already singletons (Client Script on Page and Script Manager because it's static) and this class is merely getting references to those objects - it's not creating new ones, so there should be no issue with the script entries getting duplicated.

Thus, to figure out if Ajax is enabled you could a) use reflection to call that method and see if it returns null (ie no Script Manager control on the current page, thus no Ajax), or b) check the page context collection (Page.

Items) for an entry with the key typeof(Script Manager) (which is essentially what Get Current does).Register Client Script Block Method = script Manager Type.Get Method("Register Client Script Block", New Type() )Client Script Proxy.Nice one :)With respect to the problem of figuring out if Ajax is enabled: The Script Manager does exactly what the Web Part Manager does with respect to how it ensures that only one instance ever exists on a page etc.Ie, the Script Manager has a static Get Current(Page) method to get a hold of the instance for any given page.Register Startup Script Method = script Manager Type.

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