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Application authors can either associate is the most appropriate technique for providing text feedback after a form submission attempt, because assistive technologies pick it up as a discrete focusable element in the interface representation.

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This technique relies on several Silverlight features: Silverlight version 4's default visual styles have a bug where the colors used to indicate an invalid field entry by changing the color of the foreground text do not satisfy the 4.5:1 contrast ratio per SC 1.4.1.

To correct for this visual bug, application authors should copy the control template for the style using Microsoft Expression Blend.

This text would be visible if any of the following occurs: #4, #5, and #8 are true.

If this is a sufficient technique for a success criterion, failing this test procedure does not necessarily mean that the success criterion has not been satisfied in some other way, only that this technique has not been successfully implemented and can not be used to claim conformance.

The API is defined in a "Client SDK" library System. public Main Page() // Commits text box values when the user presses ENTER. Key Event Args e) private void Submit Button_Click(object sender, System. Routed Event Args e) public class Product { private string name Value; private const string name Message = "Must be 10 characters or less."; [Display(Name = "Username", Description = "Required.

private void Text Box_Key Down(object sender, System. " name Message)] [String Length(10, Error Message = name Message)] [Required(Error Message = "Required.")] public string Name private string age Value; private const string age Message = "Must be in the 5 to 120 range."; [Display(Description = age Message)] [Range(5, 120, Error Message = age Message)] [Regular Expression("\d*", Error Message = "Must be a number.")] public string Age The following image is a screen shot of this simple UI, after two invalid values are entered in the form and Submit is activated: The following image is a screen shot of the UIAVerify tree view of this same application.

In this example, the form fields correspond to a data object that implements a view model. Input.dll, which is included as part of the project and the distributable. Note the call to Focus in the logic; many assistive technologies use focus to determine what area of the interface to report to the user.

Silverlight uses the view model and data annotations to generate some of its UI, notably the names of the fields are bound to the original view model names from the data. This example has a UI defined in XAML and logic defined in C#. If code calls Focus to reference the error summary once it is completed, the assistive technology can report the error summary immediately.

Unlike the demo I'm using some controls that can only be validated using a custom validator function (Rad Editor and Rad Rating).

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