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It means the liberty of even less conscientious factory owners to make their money out of the toil, the labor, of little children.Men of this stamp are the men whose liberty would be preserved by Mr. Men of this stamp are the men whose liberty would be preserved by the limitation of governmental power.

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It means the liberty of the factory owner who crowds his operatives into some crazy deathtrap on a top floor, where if fire starts the slaughter is immense.

It means the liberty of the big factory owner who is conscienceless and unscrupulous, to work his men and women under conditions which eat into their lives like an acid.

But today, the people have actually or potentially the entire governmental power.

It is theirs to use and to exercise if they choose to use and to exercise it.

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Perhaps we are justified in assuming that the third party looks forward to the general establishment, by law, of a minimum wage.

It is very likely, I take it for granted, that if a minimum wage were established by law, the great majority of employers would take occasion to bring their wage scale as nearly as might be down to the level of that minimum, and it would be very awkward for the working man to resist that process successfully, because it would be dangerous to strike against the authority of the federal government.

I have searched his program very thoroughly for an indication of what he expects to do in order to see to it that a larger proportion of this prize money gets into the pay envelope, and I have found only one suggestion.

There is a plank in the program which speaks of establishing a minimum or a living wage for women workers, and I suppose that we may assume that the principle is not in the long run meant to be confined in its application to women only.

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