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Shane leads in-depth, three-hour guided walking tours of the Burren, explaining the region's history, geology, and diverse flora, and the role humans have played in shaping this landscape. Your admission fee to get close to the cliffs includes parking and admission to the visitors center, and its exhibit, which focuses mainly on natural and geological history, native bird and marine life, and virtual interactive exhibits aimed at children.For years, the Irish didn't believe in safety fences: Anyone could walk right up to the cliffs, until numerous fatal accidents prompted the hiring of "rangers" — ostensibly there to answer questions and lead guided tours, but mainly there to keep you from getting too close to the edge (wind gusts can be sudden, strong, and deadly).We explore the biggest city of the west coast, hang from a dramatic cliff, and eat really well…all with my favorite travel partners…my kids Andy and Jackie and my wife Anne.

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Still, if there’s a group of boats at the mouth of the harbor, Fungie always comes out to play.

Hi, I'm Rick Steves and this time we're exploring the best of western Ireland.

But watch your step on bare rock – some stable-looking rocks can be surprisingly shaky.

Rangers advise visitors to wear sturdy walking shoes and watch kids closely; there's no fence between you and a crumbling 200-foot cliff overlooking the sea.

As an added defense — effective even today — the fort is ringed with a commotion of spiky stones called "Frisian soldiers." Sticking up like lances, they're named after ancient soldiers who used a wall of spears to stop a charging cavalry.

Little by little, as the cliff erodes, the walls of this circular fort fall into the sea below. But since we spent the night, we're here early — and the place is all ours.

We'll delve into the best of the west — not polished and on a museum shelf — but wonderfully raw and unrefined.

After imagining this island's misty past — old as the pyramids — we enjoy plenty of traditional Irish music, from a foot stompin' small-town dance show to local pubs where every night's a music fest.

Deepest Ireland is best experienced on its Gaelic-speaking west coast, where the rugged villages have changed little over the generations.

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