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I gained a lot of appreciation for Nettie as she wrote Celie letters on the happenings of her missionary adventures in Africa with the ‘Olinka’ tribe (this is a fictional tribe). I loved Shug’s ability to live her life as she pleased without allowing the public’s negative perception of her lifestyle to taint her confidence and goals. She’s the type of woman that fixes the roof on a house.

After playing the iconic role of Ally Mc Beal, she moved on to tugging our heartstrings in the earnest and soapy Brothers and Sisters. near-bottle episode that finally showed what exactly happened to Jemma Simmons during the six months after she was sucked into the monolith.

She never really slowed down after the se…Thanks to the success of The CW's Arrow and The Flash, fans of superhero TV shows are already comfortable seeing a shared universe, as well as an expansive Multiverse, where characters from different shows frequently appear or are referenced. After fighting to s…I'll admit that I was nervous when I heard that The Flash was exploring alternate universes.

Besides journals and manuscripts dating to the late 1950s, when Ms.

Walker was a teenager, the collection will include correspondence with other notable feminists, including Tillie Olsen and Gloria Steinem, as well as celebrities like Steven Spielberg.

Alice Walker’s ability to develop these characters so thoroughly made me forget that they were fictitious beings!

This classic carries a lot of (heavy) themes that I’d love to discuss!

''Everything she's ever written, she has a record of,'' he added.

is an excellent book and it has won several awards: the Pulitzer Prize (1983), The National Book Award for Fiction (1983), National Book Critics Circle Award Nominee (1982); plus a (Steven Spielberg directed) movie adaptation starring Danny Glover, Whoopi Goldberg, Oprah Winfrey among others!

In the beginning of the novel, Celie mostly writes letters to God and these letters seem more like diary entries where Celie expresses her sincere feelings of joy and pain. ____, Celie meets Shug Avery – her husband’s lover, and they eventually form a strong bond.

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