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But I don’t know how that’s going to manifest itself yet.”EXCLUSIVE: America Ferrera Finds Her (Comedic) Voice on 'Superstore'The tornado also marked a pivotal moment for another couple, Dina (Lauren Ash) and Garrett (Colton Dunn), who were forced to address their coworkers-with-benefits relationship in the face of the dangerous storm.

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According to al-Biruni, Ardhanagari was a mixture of devanagari used in Ujjain and Malwa and Siddha Matrika or the last stage of Siddhaṃ script, a variant of the Śāradā script used in Kashmir.

This theory is confusing as Gurmukhī characters have a very close resemblance with "Siddh Matrika" inscriptions found at some sacred wells in Punjab as G.

There are two major theories on how the Proto-Gurmukhī script emerged in the 15th century. Al-Biruni writes that the Ardhanagari script was used in Bathinda and western parts of the Punjab in the 10th century.

For some time, Bathinda remained the capital of the kingdom of Bhati Rajputs of the Pal clan, who ruled North India before the Muslims occupied the country.

And so we still have our huge reserve of incredibly talented comedic actors that I think we’ll start going to more and more.”WATCH: America Ferrera Radiates on Cover of 'Redbook,' Opens Up About 'Unlearning' Hollywood's Standard of Beauty The sitcom really found its stride in season two, balancing hilarious workplace comedy with impressively ambitious physical bits and meaningful, issues-driven episodes that have tackled everything from labor unions to sexual harassment, something that Spitzer hopes to continue moving forward.“We’re just telling stories and if there’s some issue that presents itself as being germane to it, or at least tangentially related to it, we just go to it,” he said, noting that there are still some topics, like the gender pay gap, that the show hopes to explore further.

“I always like it when we find something that feels a little risky or that scares us about a story, so that we don’t feel like any number of shows we’ve seen in the past.

“We definitely want to keep expanding our world -- bringing in more employees and maybe more people from corporate.

That’s the great thing about this environment, there’s just infinite changeover of people.”“Something we did that was valuable in the first season is, we wrote some generic character sides...

Or rather, a funnel, as a massive tornado touched down on the St.

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