Who is connor paolo dating

Mr Clarke asked 'Did you ask when his last drink was?

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Fiscal Depute Frank Clarke, prosecuting, asked: 'Were you able to hear what was ordered?

'He replied: 'From memory, I believe it was vodka, more than one, but I could not be certain of that.'Asked how many people were at the table, he replied: 'I could not see the table.'Mr May said Nutini left the bar about ten minutes before him and he next saw him about 15 minutes later in the driver seat of a black Mini at traffic lights on Maxwellton Street and Canal Street, with a woman in the car.

He said he had been drinking vodka with friends.' She said he did not specify how much vodka.

Mr Clarke asked: 'Did you remind him he was under caution?

Pc Murray was sitting next to the singer in the back seat on the journey to the police station.

Asked whether he spoke during the journey, she said: 'The accused was speaking freely in the back of the car stating that he had been at De Beers that night watching football with friends and consuming alcohol.

The prosecutor asked: 'On seeing this Mini driver and recognising Mr Nutini, what were your thoughts?

'He answered: 'I had seen him drinking at the bar having more than what would be the legal limit of one to two drinks.'He added: 'At first I was a bit thrown and continued my journey home, then I called the police to tell them what I had seen.'During cross-examination, Mr May agreed Mr Nutini was sitting behind him.

The decision flies in the face of Mr Macron's pre-election promise to make an official position for his wife, a move that turned heads particularly as the government is soon to pass a law preventing MPs from hiring family members as assistants, as part of his own anti-corruption drive.

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