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The provenance of these modified sets is less certain.

The ascriptions to Mark Twain and Satchel Paige are unsupported.

The columnist also incorrectly suggested that Kathy Mattea created the country song: The ledge above the keyboard, intended for sheet music, is a perfect place for things I like to look at – interesting rocks, colorful tiles, favorite photos and a treasured saying, “Sing Like There’s Nobody Listening.” The words come from a poem that Kathy Mattea turned into a country song.

They urge us to abandon the inhibitions that keep us mute: Dance like no one is watching, Live like you’ll never be hurt Sing like no one is listening Live like it’s heaven on earth.

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Genre: Comedy, Animation" data-quality="HD" data-img="https://images2-focus-opensocial.googleusercontent.com/gadgets/proxy? container=focus&gadget=a&no_expand=1&refresh=2592002&url=https://2blogspot.com/-DMchx Yr Qjgw/WUWZTXp QY6I/AAAAAAABKv4/fpw P_p Lz7WYLBqsoc De CPzim3Jk9JFCCACLc BGAs/s1600/small.jpg" data-imdb="IMDb: 8.8" data-year="2016" data-duration="22 min" data-country="Country: United States" data-desc="Season 28 opens with Springfield burned to the ground, then the Simpsons beg Mr. Burns agrees – with one condition:..."Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy, Sitcoms" data-quality="HD" data-img="https://images2-focus-opensocial.googleusercontent.com/gadgets/proxy?) In 1994 an article in “Orange Coast Magazine” profiled Danielle Kennedy who was a real estate agent and motivational speaker.She was one of many people who felt a strong emotional resonance with the song which the magazine ascribed to Susanna Clark: This is a woman who steadfastly believes in living in what she calls “the present moment,” and in pursuing “what arouses one’s desire.” And, as in childhood, music still motivates her.In conclusion, QI believes that the song lyrics of “Come from the Heart” should be credited to Susanna Clark and Richard Leigh.Other popular sets of statements overlap these lyrics and apparently were derived from these lyrics. (Has anyone ever said “give it all you’ve got” as well as Mattea does with the line “You’ve got to dance like nobody’s watching”?

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