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He wanted to set the record straight about what is going on with his health and the drugs he has been taking which he insists are the medications he has been prescribed.

"He can't put weight on and he acknowledges he has a problem with eating. Sometimes eating makes him feel sick and there are a few signs of having an eating disorder," Stork told Too Fab.

"But on top of that, there's a lot of worries about potential mental illness and that's what we always tell people: If you can't put on weight or you're having trouble eating or you’re losing weight rapidly, there could be a medical problem so we tested Aaron for everything just looking for any disorders and we also tested what was a big concern for him, which was sexually transmitted diseases including HIV." Here is what Stork told Too Fab about Carter's road to recovery.

All of the medicines he’s taking are prescribed by physicians, but the thing is you can have a drug problem even if every medicine you take is prescription.

He’s taking these very dangerous drugs that could eventually kill someone and I don’t think Aaron understands how dire that situation is because people did from prescription medications every day and I think that’s where we were hopefully able to open Aaron’s eyes.

I don’t think Aaron himself knows what he wants long term and I think right now he’s just working himself through it and we’re quite frankly for better or worse, along for the ride and we’ll try to figure out what we can do to help along the way.

I myself wonder, but I think he is more concerned about health, but I would say he’s a little too concerned about what people think about him.Aaron Carter is coming clean about his emaciated appearance, drug use, social media backlash and his fear of getting sick with cancer or HIV during a 2-part special of "The Doctors" this Wednesday and Thursday.Too Fab spoke to "The Doctors" host Travis Lane Stork just before Wednesday's airing to learn why the 29-year-old pop star decided to seek help, what the doctors did to diagnose his mental and physical illnesses and the advice he has for the many people who are struggling with similar symptoms.I told him I think he needs to stop worrying about what other people think because who cares about what other people think.It’s tough to be judged and it’s easy to say, ‘Oh don’t worry about it,’ but he struggles with it more than some.I did not follow him on social media since I'm not big on social media, but having said that I did pay attention once I knew he was coming on. He wants, much like anyone in the limelight, he wants to be appreciated and loved.

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