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On this wave I also recommend using Skull Banner Avatar and Recklessness as the dps increase will help you kill them faster.

While I do not use my dps cool downs on wave 2, I do use them on wave 12 and 22.

This is my first attempt at making a guide like this so please be kind. v=9YWOr VTP7j QHi and welcome to the Protection Warrior Guide to The Proven Defender My Name is Xaikar and I will be covering the general strategy for completing this task I am by no means an expert on the subject, however these are the tips and tricks that I have for completing this feat.

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Let’s look at Glyphs and Talents that we can choose from.

As far as talents are concerned personally I chose Level 15 Double Time Level 30 Enraged Regeneration Level 45 Disrupting Shout Level 60 Shockwave Level 75 Mass Spell Reflection Level 90 Avatar The reason I chose Enraged Regeneration over second wind is often when your health would dip below the 35% threshold, you would either die or the NPC would not heal you enough to get you to a safe place.

Wave2This wave is the first wave of nasty damage being dealt to you.

There are little rabbit mobs are that are going to apply a growing bleed to you.

Major Glyphs Heavy Repercussions Hold the Line Unending Rage Minor None Required Do not take Glyph of Intimidating Shout The reason for this is in Wave 5 15 and 25 we want to be able to fear away 2 of the 3 harder hitting mobs.

If glyph of Intimidating Shout is selected instead of the mobs running away in fear they will be feared in place.Once I had three of them together I would shockwave the 3 and charge to the other caster and kick as many casts as I could.I would let the other caster free cast on me and use spell reflection and mass spell reflection to send the attacks back.Personally I edited my UI in this video to make sure I could see clearly when I had a victory rush available to me.General Rule of thumb, make sure that you are always keeping shield block up and saving rage to make sure you have enough to deal with the Conquerors enrage as it hits very hard.In this video you will often see me shockwave followed by a charge a heroic leap to get away from mobs.

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