Wsus clients not updating from wsus server

Windows Server Update Services 2.0 and above comprise a repository of update packages from Microsoft.It allows administrators to approve or decline updates before release, to force updates to install by a given date, and to obtain extensive reports on which updates each machine requires.Version 9.5 also contains performance and scalability enhancements to meet the needs of the largest enterprise environments.

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WSUS 3.0 uses either SQL Server Express or Windows Internal Database as its database engine, whereas WSUS 2.0 uses WMSDE.

System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) interoperates with WSUS and can import third party security updates into the product.

you can only see user settings, then you are probably not running the command window as ‘Administrator’ (Locate In the Search/Run box type Locate the Windows Update service and ensure it is running. Then locate the Background Intelligent Transfer Service and make sure that’s also running. To make sure the client can see the WSUS website, open a browser window, and navigate to make sure you can open/download the file. If all the above is OK, you can try forcing a registration with the following command; 7.

All update events are being logged, you can find the log at c:windows Windows Update open the file with notepad. Scroll all the way to the end, then work upwards looking for errors. Sometimes if you image a machine (Or clone a VM) it keeps it’s unique update ID, if this happens then the first machine with this ID to register gets listed, and all the rest do not.

They having no problem getting them from Microsoft but updates keep failing when I try to get them from WSUS.

Windows 7 clients have no issue get them they are perfectly fine .Its just windows 10 clients that are having problem.They don't report as fast as windows 7 and then after having client running WUAUCLT/DETECETNOW several times I seem them on to the console with an red x next to computer name.So There are some updates on WSUS which I just approved and they won't instlaled becasue client altedy got them corect ?make sence So how long I should wait for new updates to be realeased ? I need to to make sure our WSUS and clients are good as far as getting patches Thanks The next patchday is around noon (US time) on may 9th.But the next updates will arrive and then it should work.

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