Yahoo weather widget not updating

Should a problem occur with a Konfabulator widget requiring it to be shut down, that particular widget can be shut down without affecting other widgets or the main Konfabulator application.

A disadvantage of doing this, however, is the extra computer memory needed for each process to run.

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The Web Kit support does not include plugins, so Flash is supported through the use of a separate native object.

Yahoo Widgets was originally developed as Konfabulator, by a core development team consisting of Arlo Rose, Perry Clarke, and Ed Voas.

On February 27, 2012 Yahoo updated the License agreement stating that as of April 3rd, 2012 Yahoo!

Widgets will continue to be available for download but support & Development would stop.

Other features include the ability to download webpages from the Internet, as well as file input/output, and animator objects to aid in visual effects.

A built in interface allows widget developers to run OS specific code such as shell scripts and COM applications on Windows, and Apple Script on Mac.The Yahoo Widget Engine (Konfabulator) has a very flexible application programming interface (API) based on Java Script with many features useful to developers.A few basic features include items such as text-areas, images, and timers.Previously only available to official Yahoo Widgets, this feature was enabled for all third-party widget authors on August 17, 2007.Yahoo Widgets 4.5, released on November 29, 2007, introduced support for both Web Kit and Adobe Flash, allowing development of widgets using XML, HTML and Java Script as well as the capabilities of Flash.Yahoo Widgets provides a feature that can quickly bring all open widgets to the top of the desktop.

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